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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 28, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PST

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off illegal fireworks that
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malfunction and damaged a house and a car in san leandro. the damage made a soft ball size hole right in the sky. police said on friday night the man tried to shoot off a high-powered fire work inside of an iron to. the fireworks exploded sending metal and trapped metal flying. despite the car damage no one else was injured. san jose police will no longer automatically respond to burglar alarms better trigger in the city. the department says they found 98 percent of the alarms in san jose were false alarms. the only way the police will respond if someone is on site to confirm that crimes being committed. the new policy is not popular with businesses and homeowners. have an alarm system if you know the cops will not show why have an alarm system?
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the other option is to move to my shop and sleep here 24 hours a day with a gun in case anyone break since i can defend myself a call the cops and tell them what happened. >> why am i paying for a home in a business and it cost me every month and they will not respond to it? >>justine: the city says the new policy will save $600,000 per year and it could prevent layoffs. we have to take quick break on the kron4 morning news the stay with us as we take a quick break and a live look at the san raphael. traffic is moving to this fund the how cold is it outside? you will tell you we come right back.
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the gavel =-- >>gabe: google has a new flight service. i thought this service was great. i felt it fast and easy to use but here's the problem now they have an on-line service this puts them in direct competition with sites like expedient, travelocity, cognac, and price line. but when you do a search for flights something like from san francisco to new york, who will put severe as at the top before the other services. before google had a flight service the other companies will be at the top of the results. the companies are upset and feel like it is unfair that
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they're pushed down and the rest of the results. in a statement that gould sent to me they said this, like any of the partner they must honor the airlines distribution decisions with the flight search feature many we only can show airlines in the booking leaks. we are exploring advertising opportunities within the page to showcase other partners. it sounds like google will try to make it more fair for their competitors in the future. this could determine--this could turn into a department of trust issue. i talked with several travelers and other people but the the point people who use travelocity and kayak these kind of sites often been to school to these web sites to the travel shopping they do not find the site to take will search.--through the google search. i am gabe slate with kron4 news.
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>>justine: here is a live look at the golden gate bridge is almost 30 minutes after 4:00 a.m. and will be back with our live weather and traffic.
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take it to our traffic maps we have no major delays to speak of in the south bay. north bound 101 is a nice and easy ride as the taking look at the shore freeway and westbound highway 4 is looking good and which we on interstate 80 west bound of
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that green on your screen indicate speed over 50 miles per hour. >>justine: thank you erica, we have to do to health and airline officials after two tires blew out on a southwest plane during takeoff last night. it was headed to seattle from sacramento. the plane did not even make off the runway. the pilot had to abort the takeoff. here, officials say there was no fire on board and passengers now describe what happened. >> it felt like we will retire on the freeway doing 80. >> the plane was kind of pulling to left little bit then they brought to a general stock. >>justine: 0130 people on the plane made it off safely and were placed on another flight to seattle
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authorities are investing in a kid.--in attempting, snapping the to the men tried to lure a nine year old boy in his car using can we advocate. reggie kumar tell suspect police believe this was a random incident. >>reporter: oakland police said an attempted kidnapping happened near carol it drive monday afternoon in the upscale neighborhood. residents did not want to talk with me on camera about the incident out of one man said he noticed a suspicious white van driving past his home several times to. >>reporter: police said the boy was playing on the street when the man walked up to him and offered him some candy and try to get him into the vehicle. when the boys said no, the man tried to grab his armed european >> the little boy ran back home and told his parents what happened. the stranger did tell the victim that he had a car and he wanted him to drive away with it in the car. >>reporter: it the attention
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of doctor is described as a black man in his thirties. here is a description of him. >>reporter: the boy did not see the vehicle the man was driving. in $2,500 cash reward is being offered in this case >>justine: this morning police are investigating a shooting that happened about 8:30 p.m. last night. one person into the hospital police to not know what led to the shooting and this morning they're still searching for a suspect. >>justine: verizon how live look outside where traffic is moving just fine. we will update you on what is happening in 2012 when we come right back.
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>>reporter: woman and attacks are coming from supporters and not man gingrich himself. >> you want to run a negative campaign and attacked the police the man enough to own it. >>reporter: misruled reporter mit romney compare newt gingrich her to pearl harbor.
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>> i think it is more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory to have to get organized. >>reporter: i if you could see how close to the polls are, according to the american research group texas congressman ron paul has a slight lead over mitt romney and nuking bridge during a other is from such as rick perry and michelle bachman are not counting themselves out red and continue to campaign across the state. >>justine: a new poll shows a very tight race between the gop candidates if has newt gingrich up only one percentage point over mitt romney 25% to 24%, both men are head of ron paul and rick perry. earlier this month, gingrich head of double-digit lead over the rest. >>justine: 60 u.s. travel association is pushing congress to make it easier for foreigners to visit the
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united states. nearly 7.6 million none immigrant visas were issued in 2001, compared to fewer than 65 million in 2010. our tourism leaders say the decline symbolizes into massive failure that is costing businesses almost $860 billion in untapped revenue like the federal government sent in trouble requirements in the wake of the september 11th terrorist attacks. are we will take a break and be right back on the kron4 morning and lives. we want to show you again what is happening to her once an attempt to relieve this is 92, erica will show a high of time with this traffic device. hear her, stay with us for more her rear--they with us for more on traffic and weather. and we are left in one week away for the new year's live party. it is the
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only local countdown show that brings you the best in the bay.
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>>justine: got hit some majors know that calls travel troubles it calls to cars to slide off the roadways. it was quite a mess, there was a for a car crash and no one was injured. about 85 or so trucks had to work overtime on the street to try to clean up after the storm. we are about to hit the third driest december on record in the bay area. people are asking on facebook if it is also cold is on record, but we know there is no rain, which will disclose no which means they're cut is keeping her eye on what could be a little rain for tomorrow. >>erica: that is right justine especially up in the north gate. that translates into potential
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slow in the sierra. will be and one a dream that dropped the next couple of days. we are dealing with some slightly when the conditions for our mount tancam you concede mild temperatures this morning. it looks like everyone is sitting in the 40's as the head in the afternoon we see a mixture of seven clouds, we have '50s and '60s and for the most part will stay dry with calm winds and temperatures returning to the 40's and 30's right outside the door to keep it these numbers, yet today we were continuing with some friends in below freezing temperatures we are still seen upper 30's for places like fairfield in livermore to everyone else is on the mild side. hickel in half moon bay, 50 degrees right now 44 for those along the peninsula and down in the south a pc a mixture of low forties. here is a look at how the numbers have changed in the past 24 hours. it is five degrees
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warmer in santa rosa, a little bit warmer than we were yesterday for those in fairfield and down south looks like we have lost a couple take in look at a loss coddles in san jose. we have not seen any change whatsoever in downtown san francisco. into the afternoon we are expecting slightly warmer conditions compared to low saw yesterday. here talking upper fifties and low 60s. redwood city to get to about 60 degrees. ticket get mel levine, 63 degrees reported there had looks like we'll be in the low sixties for the south bay. 61 expected for livermore and in the north bay we could see plenty of sunshine and a mixture of upper fifties and low 60s here. >>erica: our future forecast shows and little bit of
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scattered sprinkled just north of santa rosa. the chance increases by 10:00 news and more widespread rain in the north bay. a lot of this sitting offshore and as we invest the crowd closed to lunch time it becomes a lot more prevalent for places like napa, fairfield, and vallejo. the could see some sprinkles in downtown san francisco and it looks like this then will cushion its way to the south. we are looking for drier conditions and clear conditions by 4:00 p.m. on friday. your seven day around the forecast highlights temperatures trending below 60 for the most car. most ecstatic conditions for the next couple days we will see a little bit more sunshine for saturday and sunday ringing in 2012. temperatures could make their way into the mid 60s by the start of the knicks were in the query in the traffic and it has been pretty quiet and no major reports of accidents according to the chp. and live look at the toll plaza shows a problem free ride
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toward san francisco. traffic is certainly a building in the westbound direction outside foster city. and as he take a gander at the golden gate bridge we have clear conditions, a lot space in between cars and no major delays figures based out of marin county. as the ticket over to our traffic collapse, you will see north bound 101 is a problem free in the south bay there are no reports of any major accidents. 101 is moving well from the south bay all the way down to stop--her to san francisco. and this is a nice and easy ride of a green indicates be over 50 miles per hour. we have calculated some dry times for you. your ride is coming in at 46 minutes from hercules to berkeley this is a nice and easy 11 minute drive. for those of you taking public transit and do not have any reports of delays for at the d.c.
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transit, bart, or the a train to this morning. >>justine: thank you erica a broken water main shut down some very busy street. east bay mud since it does not know what caused the pipe to rupture. we report on the repairs. >>reporter: covered the major headache of the main break is that there were road closures in three different directions. a lot of people haven't off this week, and a lot of people were trying to get downtown to go shopping. drivers in the area a experience delays cloudy road closures lasted throughout the evening commute. while the water main break happen right in the middle of the downtown shopping area on a live villard and south main street, only one business, quit in vero suffered any water damage. resources in the area remained open during the repairs. so without water for most of the bay but the water was turned on by early evening. can walnut creek i and k thompson with kron4 news.
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>>justine: the governor is renewing his call for raising the taxes on the wealthiest americans. governor jerry brown said he is working to gain support from businesses and labour groups who thinks his support is not go far enough. >> the liberals do not like the sales tax and more conservative people cannot like to raise the income tax but i think for the next four, or five years from if it is most likely to pass it is reasonable. >>reporter: as the governor noted, the state income tax is growing. the income has a drop since the recession began the only by 5 1/2% for the wealthy. for the bottom 20%, drop is nearly twice as big. unless shareholders approve the tax hike in... >> from the cuts will be very good, there will be
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unpleasant anyone look at it. >>reporter: could governesses his accomplishments in his first year back in the office he vetoed a budget that he said was not credible to reduced the amount of deficit in half and transferred a lot of services from the state to the county. we said that he approaches his job differently from his previous terms in the 1970's. your honor >> i know a lot more about the job august 10th more, but like the universe, 97 percent is dark matter. >>justine: the last time california voters react to tax the rich, they said no, that was in 2006. that was when proposition 82 was put on the ballot it would raise $6 billion for preschools but voters rejected by a very large margin.
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>>justine: is a live look of san francisco or nine of fog or traffic is blocking nerve you. we will try the temperatures when the kron4 morning news comes right back.
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insult it is completely to welcome them but they keep it is not ok for me to videotape you, interesting. the word of a street if it is illegal to be stark naked in san francisco but is it? no pun intended. every person i spoke with said the same thing it is not against a loss of it all hang loose as long as you're not aroused. really, how will anyone know more if you are not aroused. that aren't it carries no weight. and live in a naked truth, are you ready for this? it is illegal you heard me, it is illegal to be making any where in this city and county of san francisco it is tolerated and that is a big difference. but enforcement regarding public and to do is complain
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driven in other words, if you feel offended by someone making you can make a citizen's arrest and the police can take action. to the naked people, if you plan to show the public without a stitch of clothing you can pretty much be sure that someone will be taking you. >>stanley: put your clothes on and i will stop filming you. >>justine: nothing like the rest of people behaving badly. if you have a story for stanley you can in million the people behaving badly a to europe today is a good game and it is also good reason stay.-- good riddens day. on is all happening in times square. for this is you probably will not be able to make live there, you can commit live worse mineral for 2011 online here are the founders were saying that this day it
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was an inspiration. you can't tell us what you are saying by--thereby to on our facebook page. there now and what did george sand, and will an lady gaga at all have in common hot? kirk could this. lady gaga charitable and whatever's to launch a to the top of this a justin bieber it moved up eight spots to claim second place after starting a program that supports several children's charities. and george clooney use his voice to fight for human rights. much more ahead on the kron4 morning news we will take a quick break and be back with our top stories, whether, and traffic has been taken live look from our roof camera and san francisco.
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how problems just yet and we have some rain on the weight. we will tell you all about it we come right back.
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>> darya: pot we are starting off this hour with an look at the weather, it is clear and quiet. >>erica: in the north bay were as much as 10 degrees warmer than where we were yet today. than yesterday. today we see clear skies out there. and as you head into the afternoon there will be a mixture of upper 50s and low 60s. it is a little bit warmer compared to what we saw yesterday. we do have the potential for wet weather as the moving closer to friday the you will see that in your extended forecast. like i mentioned, we are trending warmer compared to yesterday. santa
5:01 am
rosa is coming in at 40 degrees yesterday. we see upper 20's and low 30's and the only place to see 30's right out into fairfield in livermore. along the coastline is pretty warm out there. 50 degrees for those in half moon bay will have 39 degrees los gatos and 42 for those in san jose at this hour. feature cast for shows by the 8:00 hour that withstood--that we could hold on to the '40's and 50's. in all this light blue indicates fifties for the entire bay area. as we advance the clock closer to the afternoons tortoises and green in places like livermore and down into the south bay indicating temperatures that could ignite--could get into the '60s. mountain view is the
5:02 am
warmest spot on our map coming in at 63 degrees. we are anticipating a lot of sunshine in the north bay as well. 61 on tap for santa rosa and 59 the, no. 4 nevada and downtown san francisco. turning our attention to satellite and radar we are dry run the beer right now. all of that weather is situated in the pacific northwest. we will see some cloud coverage as we headed to the afternoon. we do have the potential for what would you see that on your extended forecast. for the most part we are dealing with mostly cloudy conditions in the chairs the rain affects the north bay for friday morning stretching into the afternoon and then we will see a little bit more sunshine partly cloudy conditions for saturday and the start of 2012. it is time for a check on your morning commute with george. >> george: thank you erica, we're looking pretty well we are expecting lighter than usual traffic around the bay
5:03 am
area for the rest of this week. we are not tracking in hot spots, and a close look at the bridge show's highlight the traffic is west bound. for the san mateo bridge we are problem free with light traffic here both eastbound and westbound. looking at your ride in the east bay, interstate 80 west looks good from the upper to the lower east shore freeway. six 80's problem free and south a freeways are without the late right now. in the north bay, well, let us go to the peninsula first. now the no. then the run on 101 south bound shows and easy commute coming in from iran count. >> mark: oakland police are
5:04 am
looking for a man that tried to kidnap a nine year old boy by larry king0--by luring him in with candy. they said the man approached a little boy and try to lure him into the vehicle that was around the corner. the boy refused to go and then the man grabbed the boy by the arm and the boy was able to get away. >> the little boy ran back home and told his parents to is what happened. the stranger did tell the victim that he had a car and he wanted to drive away with him and the car. >> mark: the person they're looking for is described as the falling.--following. >> mark: currently there's the 2500 crime stopper award being offered in the case. >> darya: we saw what
5:05 am
happened before, twice before when occupy protesters shut down the port. this was one time on november 2nd and most recently as well on the bottom you see that happen on december 12th. in a news conference yesterday, governor brown commented on mayor jean quan assertion that the city may not be able to prevent further shutdowns. >> i think that she is very aware that the port of oakland is very important for the county for california she will do everything she can to keep it open. and certainly, i would give whatever help is needed. we do not look to the guard for police work except for extreme emergencies. but there are other resources under a mutual aid and in oakland and with some resources it will not be can they keep it
5:06 am
open but they should keep it open. >> darya: the mayor said they will try to keep future shutdowns from happening at the port. a vote on a resolution to give police more power to enforce the law during these protests aimed to shut down the porch is going to happen next month. >> mark: we are keeping our eye on wall street, this is expected to be a very light day. dow fuchses is up 26 points right now. britain yesterday's her there was very light trading record with dow closing down. this morning the mortgage bankers association will release their weekly applications survey for mortgages. >> darya: it is 5:07 a.m. right now, and we will be back with more. take a peek
5:07 am
at the james lick all is nice and quiet is a little warmer out there this morning we will be right back. it's the perfect time to find great deals
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on the 4g lte devices you love. like the droid bionic by motorola for $199.99. or the pantech breakout for $49.99. our lowest price ever. get the technology you love, on the network you deserve. and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon.
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>> darya: and new skills from airline officials ask him to retire as live outside and take off last night he was a scene advocate as a pass in the skin from seattle sacramental and the plane did not make chocolate brown.--the plane did not make it on the ground here is a and fire officials will hold with a year for officials say there was no fire on board. it wouldn't think we >> we can sort to take off it landed safely. of the firefighters were dispatched there was no fire and there were no injuries and passengers were safely evacuate from the
5:11 am
"planking"--and from the plane. >> darya: they get everybody off the plane, hundred and 30 people were taken off safely in coming up next half-hour was will you were passengers had to sit out there is clear and to. >> mark: yesterday afternoon the pilot radioed air traffic controllers saying that the plane missed the intended runway and landed in by a field on buchanan. we will be right backer, has a kron4 morning news--will be right back as the kron4 morning news continues.
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>> mark: people cried as a and china and fortune of the kim jong-il pass by you is young is hunt received assessor.--very is a predecessor. most real and this is backing cairo, this is a little when he was last seen back on august 3rd, trial resumed, mubarik, her discharge when you step of 840 protesters. he could be facing the death penalty if convicted the 830 has been under arrest in >> darya: try and lewd detail and a plane crash that killed dozens of people in china last summer. it says design flaws in sloppy management isn't cause--is what caused the bullet
5:16 am
train crash in july. >> mark: let us he caught up on the weather forecast, we are watching for a a chance of rain in the week. prescott updated to erica. >>erica: good morning mark we have the potential for with them by friday, but as the ticket live look at the conditions at the golden gate bridge for the most part of it yet clear star to the morning because of the combination of cloud coverage we see widespread dense fog like yesterday that will definitely be a historic plan now later on this morning. as he take a look at your temperatures right outside the door we are actually a few degrees warmer in some spots compared with we were yesterday. and you're nowhere near the freezing mark with a combination of of occurred even though 46. santa rosa is coming in at 40 degrees in the same goes for napa. the only christmas tv 30's it is into fairfield, navato, down to
5:17 am
los gatos and take it again livermore coming in at 39 degrees. closer to the coastline we're running on the a former side we have gained a degree in the past hour of downtown san francisco. let us see exactly how the temperatures have changed in the past 24 hours. >>erica: if you're going out today you definitely want to bundle up. we have no subfreezing temperatures and no change from redwood city the we have lost a couple degrees in the south bay. it is six degrees cooler than yesterday and five degrees cooler for mouth. the after slightly warmer, and will see high clouds and sunshine and a lot of sixties out there. oakland could get up to about 61 degrees and a bit cooler along the coastline and it looks like to be trending in the low sixties in the south a.--for the south bay.
5:18 am
sliding up in the north bay we expect a mixture of '60s as well. we have mentioned the potential for wet weather. i have set the feature forecast for friday morning. we can see a little bit of the forecast a towards santa rosa. it becomes a little bit more widespread, a lot of the wet weather is hitting off shore. high noon, you can see fairfield, vallejo and in through napa. downtown san francisco could pick up a few for--could pick up a few sprinkles. head looks like by 4:00 p.m. friday will see a clear and dry conditions around the bay. if you are heading out for years even have mostly cloudy conditions. merlots will be seen in the '40's. as for new year's day we anticipate partly sunny conditions with highs near 60 degrees. in my next report i will have a look at your seven day around the bay in the meantime back to
5:19 am
denmark. >> mark: is where we are watching the air quality has been bad around the bay. a lot of people have got busted lighting the fire to and they should not be. >>reporter: that men seem to be working a pretty good right now it seems like the bay. they were cracking down on live fire over the weekend. 77 residents were cited. several dozen were caught and burning with their fireplaces when they should not have been carried the christmas spirit on christmas eve or christmas day is to run their a fireplace but they area quality management store not in a forgiving mood because this is a public health slate do issue. so it is nice and clear right now. i guess they really cracked down on king so that it would not be so bad now but may not over yet they said they have to do this again over the new year's weekend as the cold air and
5:20 am
temperatures forced them to do something about this. >>reporter: they have been patrolling around and natural gas cars policing this and they say they're taking the series through the holiday and through the end of the year. >> mark: spare the air season started back on november 1st, over 2000 people have called in with complaints about neighbors using fireplaces and light your of and fires lunation not been.--lighting of in fires and they should not be. now we have indicate your traffic. >> george: court this week we are spending much wider than usual traffic and that is will we see so far and that is will we see this morning and the bay bridge. we have light traffic on the san mateo bridge were 92 looks good in both directions. the right side of your screen is a
5:21 am
westbound truck towards foster city. at the golden gate bridge we have slight easing traffic both northbound and southbound, crews are still reconfiguring the bridge. a quick check from the east bay and in the and traffic maps and shows and could ride on interstate 86, 80, 24 and even highway for look good. south labor--read south bound freeways look great. and you're north bay ride is delay free through red county on 101 south bound down to the golden gate bridge. >> darya: the time is now 5:21 a.m.. sentencing is expected for michael hartmann. this is due to the fatal shooting of ditiyan franklin junior. he is convicted of first-degree murder. they say that franklin was riding his bike and oakland and the man shot him in the arm, franklin tried to run away but then he shot a second time. franklin was careful
5:22 am
to graduate from his a preparatory high school a few weeks after he was killed. police then antioch man accidentally killed his own year-old son back in his truck at the driveway on monday. the corner has identified a toddler who was killed malcolm norris. his father told authorities that he had no idea that his son was outside playing. >> mark: we will be right back as the kron4 move--news continues. we have a slightly warmer wednesday.
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>> mark: texas congressman ron paul is gaining in i will. he may come away with a big boost heading towards new hampshire. in new gingrich's numbers in new hampshire are evaluating-- the evaporating. being rich also says that he could not vote for ron paul if he were to become the gop nominee. >> mark: the new poll shows a very tight race among the gop candidates. newt gingrich is up by one percentage point where he had a big lead earlier in the month. both are moving comfortably ahead. he has double-digit lead over the rest of the field. >> darya: in national news,
5:27 am
there are no details of the death of a nine year-old indian girl, the girls mother moved her family to a trailer park where 15 sex offenders live in order to care for her dying father. michael plumadore who was babysitting the girl has been charged with the murder of the girl. she disappeared two days before christmas she was found dead on monday. police now have the dumpster where her body was found. they have linked him to the killing of the girl. the girl and their sisters had been staying with him he was a neighbor said he was watching them while their mother was recovering from the flu. his confession does not mention a motive. >> mark: we will be back in a few minutes as the kron4 morning news continues here is a live look at the bay bridge for the traffic is
5:28 am
very light this morning.
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5:30 am
>> mark: police are looking curtin and then run into - 9 record with. but having the ability to keep hi
5:31 am
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5:34 am
conditions where the bay area for the most part. northern california if it's clear in saying some rainfall right now. right now looks like you're just dealing with some of the clouds. in your extended forecast you will see that we are sitting in the '60s for the most part. the first potential for some what weather in the bay area is friday morning stretching into the afternoon and we will still a bit more sunshine for saturday and sunday at the start of 2012. it looks like temperatures could make it to the mid-60s by the next work week. now let us get update on your morning commute. >> george: not much
5:35 am
potential for delay run the bay area. we are not tracking any hot spots and we have very light traffic around the bay area. let us start the debate bridge toll plaza the west bound ride looks good. a little heavier today than yesterday. your ride to the san mateo bridge also looks pretty good picking up our camera at the toll plaza and looking towards the west towards the high rise. at the golden gate bridge we are delay free both northbound and southbound so this is a pretty good ride. let us check the traffic maps and the to the road sensors. the speeds are good because the centers are all showing green for interstate 680. for interstate 80 and for the ride on 580 west bound. no delays on south bay freeways, it is a light and easy ride. the north bay commute is still without delays from marin county. it
5:36 am
is a 2300 drive time from a bottle to the golden gate bridge. now listed the latest from the kron4 newsroom here is justine waldman. >>justine: here is what we are following a plan to stay in emergency landing this happened shortly after takeoff. we are hearing that the engine failed and there was reports of smoke in the cargo hold. it was a united airlines plane headed to chicago from vermont it landed safely at 630 eastern. there have been no reports of any injuries. >> darya: the time now is 5:36 a.m., we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes, let us take a look outside at the james lick freeway. the traffic is nice and light.
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>> darya: passengers were
5:40 am
aboard the southwest client two tires blew out. they were trying to take off last night. this is the scene to seattle from sacramento. where this plane was taking off from sacramento when the tires blew. the pilot aborted a takeoff and stayed in sacramento. the fire crews showed up as they are supposed to the there was no fire. passengers talk was about the experience. from >> it was a big band and then broke a couple of bombs and then the plane was coming down. >> darya: call 130 people were taken off the plane and put on another plane to seattle. >> mark: 8 san francisco 49ers have been added to the pro bowl roster. the team is hoping that none of the players will attend because the pro bowl is one week before the super bowl. so
5:41 am
obviously they think they would rather have a super bowl appearance than to play in the pro bowl. linebacker patrick willis, punter in deeply, left tackle joe staley, and defensive tackle justin smith were all named. for the raiders, they are sending three players to the pro bowl in honolulu. the place-kicker sebastian jankowski tie for the longest kick of all times. he will be joined by the puncher shane like your and the defensive tackle richard seymour. >> darya: i want to go to the pro bowl in honolulu. >> mark: it is still there
5:42 am
but it is leaving soon. they will start having the pro bowl the same place they have the super bowl. >> darya: all right, it is 5:42 a.m. and will be back a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside, it is dry with no snow. but here's the resorts are still making snow every single night.
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>> darya: it the clinton era may have no snow, caught the scent in lebanon had a big
5:46 am
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are hugging the coast line by downtown san francisco. you can see this band of rain southward, halt you could see some along the peninsula and the shores as well. by 4:00 p.m. on friday it looked like we will see dry conditions. your seven day around the forecastles temperatures sitting in the part. mostly cloudy conditions for the next couple days. we have the potential for some wet weather and then clear and dry conditions little more sunshine as we head into the region. it is time for an update on your morning commute with george. what an
5:49 am
easy ride around the area we are not tracking any hot spots or delays. we will start the bridge take one and at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no metering lights and no delays. and answers wrong with that and on the bay bridge stock hug we haven't easy commute. when your south bound and north bound traffic is moving without delay. we will track your drive on interstate 80. take this drive coming from hercules down to berkeley the drive time is running at about 11 minutes. it concedes he is in the '60s for the entire chip in. you will be without delay for that entire span along the shore a free we are waiting for the opening bell on wall light trading
5:50 am
continues, we have very light volume this week. the dow finished down a couple plenteous to eighth when cbs and he will meet while at a fraction of what it was. corcoran and the u.s. travel association is pushing congress to make easier for foreigners to visit the united states. tourism leaders say the decline is due to the plan was a failure that is costing american businesses $859 billion an untapped vista revenue. it is 5:51 a.m., we'll be back with more in just a couple minutes to. let's take a live look at our roof camera all is clear is not look like we have too much of his morning. how and
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if you have not made your plans for new year's, plan on watching our special at 11:30 p.m..
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deal that it illegally and to been indeed any minute in the st. lawrence and county of san of the dakota to mark
5:56 am
and returned it is abroad for and other words, if you phillip and if i someone making a you can make a citizen's arrest report and the police can take action but to the naked people if our plan on showing up in a public without eighth digit code and rules and can be sure that someone may be taping you. >> mark: where allegis city still had a hat on. if you have a comment on a tour of his family, you can e-mail us at >> darya: the library of congress selected source gum, and then the silence of the lambs to be included among the nation's treasures in the world's largest archives of film and tv look and recordings.--and recordings. they include
5:57 am
hollywood classics, documentary's, animations, home movies and experimental motion pictures. coming up we ae following a developing story out of oakland. and then try to deduct 18 year old boy, we have details coming up. >> darya: things are looking clear on the roadways, to keep our eye on it in be right back. [ child ] it's so cool!
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